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Enjoy working with your dog!

Time and effort invested in your best friend today will give you a wonderful partner in the years to come.

Australian Shepherd Dog

Positive reinforcement is at the center of all the training done at K9 Endeavors Dog Training.  Anything is possible when training dogs, as long as you know what that individual dog in front of you is willing to work for.  

Dog relaxing on the grass

Learn how to develop a long-lasting bond with your dog through effective communication and positive reward.

Contact us today to learn more! 

Maybe, Fluffy pulls too much to make walks enjoyable?

Does Fido jump on the furniture or guests?

Enjoy private in-home training sessions that help you work on the behaviors your dog struggles with the most.  

Has an overly busy life left little or no time to devote attention to your new puppy? 

Maybe, potty training has never been your favorite part of owning a dog?

Let K9 Endeavors Dog Training help you through those somewhat stressful times that come along with dog ownership. 

Maybe your older dog has developed a fear of thunderstorms, or you have a new baby entering the household?

K9 Endeavors Dog Training can help your dog transition to life with a new family member or lessen Fido's fear of bad weather. 

Dog in a home setting
Cute Red Labrador puppy

K9 Endeavors Services

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