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I have a mobile grooming unit that is great to try if Fido isn't a fan of visiting a traditional grooming salon.  Many dogs that have trouble at the grooming salon are over-whelmed by the noise and general commotion that accompanies multiple people and dogs moving around.  Not to mention the car ride there.

The advantage of a mobile grooming unit is that Fido is the only one being attended to by the groomer.  This means they get the individual attention and time needed to be more comfortable during the grooming process.  And if car rides really are something Fido detests, he is in luck because the groomer comes right to his front door.

But wait!  The groomer is also a certified dog trainer!  

Being a dog trainer that also loves to groom dogs means I can understand what Fido is trying to tell me.  Allowing me to tailor their grooming experience to them.  If the dog I'm working with is truly beyond scared of the water, or dryer, and even the clippers, I can make a training protocol and grooming schedule that can lessen their fear overtime. 

Grooming Services

Wash & Wear

Bath only
Shampoo & Conditioner
No drying
<40lb $45
lb $60
Ala Cart Items
Nail Trim
Ear Cleaning
Paw Clean-Up
Sanitary Clip
Cost: Varies from

Basic Beige
Bath w/Shampoo
& Conditioner
Blow Dry

Brush Out
Cost: <40 lb.
40-60 lb. $95
60-80 lb. $120
Full Monty
Full groom
Blow Dry 
Brush Out
& Hair cut
Cost: < 40lb.
40-60 lb. $150
60-80 lb. $175
No Call/ No Show
Cancel Appt.<24
Excessive Matting
Returned Check
Difficult Dog
Closeup of Dog Treats

Bakery Coming Soon!

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