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About us

One could say I was destined to be an animal trainer from a very young age.  As a young teenager I could be found at family gatherings playing with the dogs and teaching them new tricks.  When college time came around, I enrolled in Midway University and earned a BA in Equine Business.  During this time my training style adapted a bit in order to work in tandem with the many magnificent equine partners there.  I learned more about the power of suggestion and how it could be used to leave the horse thinking the direction I picked was really their idea all along.  My next step in life was a short hop over to the small animal veterinary field where I spent many years helping some wonderful veterinarians make sure our client's pets were in good health.  As you can imagine some of these pets weren't the most trusting towards the scary people holding the vaccine syringe.  This is when I really knew my life would be best spent helping these wonderful pets feel happy and safe. 

Colt was my first real test as a dog trainer.  He came to me while I was working for a veterinary hospital in South Carolina.  He had many great qualities, but obedience to cues was not one of them.  Colt grew up as the "outside dog" and was allowed to roam wherever he chose.  Needless to say, boundary was not a word in his vocabulary.  Teaching him to come when called and stay close to home was my biggest challenge and ultimate accomplishment.

The most recent academic endeavor for me was becoming a certified pet dog trainer.  More knowledge is one thing I will never stop striving for in my career working animals. 

My next journey is to become a service dog trainer helping those with psychiatric disorders such as PTSD and panic disorder. 


Amy Shepherd

Certified Pet Dog Trainer

& AKC evaluator.


Karen, Menomonee Falls

Amy is an EXCELLENT trainer.  When I got my rescue Lilly Marie at 18 months old, she was more than I could handle, and honestly without Amy’s training, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep her.  Amy was so patient with both my dog and me, it has been a successful relationship for almost 3 years!  After the initial 8 weeks of training, we have gone back several times for additional guidance and training.  Amy is always willing to answer my questions, many of which I’m sure are crazy, but this is the first time I’m 100% responsible for a pet, so I have many!  I would highly recommend Amy as both a trainer and groomer. 

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