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Private In-Home Training

Work on your dog's behavior issues where they happen the most. 

Barking at the door?

Squirrels, joggers or delivery trucks driving your dog to bark madly at your home's doors and windows?

Call today to set up a training session! 


New Puppy climbing all over your older dog? 

 Call today for a consultation! 


Potty Training not your favorite part of puppyhood?


60 Minute Session

In home session to work on your dog's basic obedience cues or mild behavior problems that need correcting. 

Cost per session: $70

*Additional cost will be added on for travel distance over 25 miles. 

Learn to gain control off the leash! 

In the back yard or the dog park it's important to have a recall built into your dog's cue database.

90 Minute session

In home session where we can work on more advanced obedience cues or more challenging behavior problems that need correction. 

Cost per session: $100


  *Additional cost will be added for travel distance over 25 miles. 


Board & Train

Three-week training period in my home that will allow me to work on most training concerns. Some of the potential cues your dog could learn would be ...

Sit, Down, Wait, Come, Stay, Place, and No Jumping

Other things my clients have used a board and train for are stranger danger, a new baby, and food guarding. 

Cost: $2,400

Lazy Brown Dog


Your dog will be able to relax in my home right along with me and my own pets.

Space is limited!  Must be up to date on all health requirements and be able to be around other dogs and cats.     Cost: $ 45 per night

*Dogs over one year old must be altered. Vaccines required: Rabies, DHPP, Leptospirosis and Bordetella.  Flea/Tick prevention must be up to date as well.

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